King Khan & BBQ Show / The Mothballs / The Pets
The Stork Club
October 19, 2006

Review by Jake Thomas

One of the greatest two-pieces playing music today with two of my favorite locals opening up? Despite nearly falling asleep on my couch before the show, somehow my subconscious put the thought “get up and out of the house you lazy ass” into my head, and I’m not one to argue with my subconscious.

I’m not sure what more I can say about The Pets or The Mothballs – I’ve seen each of these acts a minimum of 5000 times and I always enjoy myself. I got to the gig about half-way through The Pets – and to be honest, I had no idea they were even playing this show but given that this is the Stork extra bands are to be expected… otherwise I would have probably gotten there earlier to see their whole set. But what I saw was great as usual, nothing really more or less than I expected from this trio. They have a couple of seven inches out now for the public to consume, and if you have any sense you’ll check them out.

The Mothballs were goofy and funny as usual. I told JJ the drummer that I wanted commemorative plaque from the band for having seen them so many times, and he assured me it would be in the mail any day now. Still waiting, JJ… and speaking of waiting - one day these goofs will release an album so I can listen to them in my car outside of some poorly encoded MP3s I’ve downloaded and put on a CD. They have about a thousand songs plus all their great covers, let’s make it happen already.

I’m currently working with an attorney to have the King Khan & BBQ Show’s name officially changed to the Teabag Twins, though that may not be fair to BBQ as King Khan is the one who is always placing his sack on the heads of others. Towards the end of this evening it ended up being Greg Ashley (of local rockers Gris Gris) as the seemingly willing victim of ball sweat on the forehead, all while the band played a 20 minute long adlibbed song about teabagging. Needless to say, I think at this point Greg Ashley, the band and most of the crowd had imbibed a number of adult beverages and things got a little hairy. Despite an off mix for part of the show, this duo played a rousing set of foot-stomping primitive blues/garage/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, and the crowd bounced and bobbed and had a grand old time – myself included. I know it may be cliché to say so, but if you haven’t seen these guys live you are really missing out and should remedy that situation post haste. As great as their albums are you just cannot replicate the live experience of the King Khan & BBQ Show.

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