The Pets / The Invisible Eyes
The Stork Club
February 18, 2006

Review by Jake Thomas

I love a good show over here in the “Easy Bay”, and boy this was a pretty good’un. I wanted to check out this band the Invisible Eyes, they’re from Seattle and everything I’d heard by them online rubbed me the right way. Hard to say exactly what they sounded like, but try to imagine garage-psyche stuff like 13th Floor Elevators, but more “moderny” I guess. A cute lady playing the keys in an organ fashion was a very dominant part of the rockin’…I might even compare them a little bit to local faves Gris Gris, or at the very least I would imagine their fans would dig this quartet. It was quite good, and the only thing keeping me from a CD purchase after the show is my long spell of unemployment, so I just played some Ms. Pac Man in the back instead cause a quarter don‘t cost as much as 12 bucks. Damn talented and enjoyable bunch of rain-soaked rockers though, recommended for sure if they come back.

Local lads The Pets finished off the evening, and I saw these guys once and really liked it but now they almost sound like an entirely different band. They have a new bassist Zach who some might previously know for his work with Sacto’s FM Knives, and I don’t know if it’s his addition or just a change in attitudes all around with the group, but what sounded like glam-garage rock the last time is coming out like classic pop-punk like the Buzzcocks now. And it’s damn good. Short bursts of catchy rock-n-roll, fuzzy guitar, good times for everyone involved. The crowd was real into it, so was I, and like nearly all bands should do, the group didn’t overstay their welcome.

That’s not to say I didn’t get home late, it is the Stork after all. But at least I didn’t have to drive over that damnedable bridge. I guess it also wasn’t helped that I went to the magical land of Long’s Drugs and space out for a while, but that’s another story altogether…

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