About Playing in Fog

PiF was a site dedicated to live indie shows happening primarily in San Francisco. What's listed on the calendar are mainly recommendations, and by no means is it comprehensive to what's happening. I don't always list every band that's on the bill either, so please visit the Links section for other sources for shows and complete line-ups. There's typically something good every night of the week! Well almost ;-)

Few Facts
1. PiF only reviews live shows - sorry, no cd reviews.
2. We cannot set up shows for you. We can point you in the direction of where to start, but that's about it. Please understand that we get a lot of requests for help and simply can't help everyone who asks.
3. If you'd like play a PIF Presents show, please send in a CD or demo. If we absolutely love it, I'll have you play a show at some point. I do receive quite a few CDs to listen to, so please don't be discourage and just have a little patience.
4. What is list on the calendar are shows we'd go to, so therefore we recommend them. We generally don't list bands we don't know anything about.
5. We are not a label, nor is PiF a business or organization.

I hope you find what we have here a useful resource and visit often.

If you'd like us to listen to your band and maybe have us come check you out, please email us and tell us about yourself. We're always looking for new bands to listen to. Our mailing address is: Playing in Fog 625 Ashbury St #7, SF CA 94117

Read what's being said about PiF.

A Bit of History
PiF began in late 2000 as a online journal of sorts for two SF chicks known as Squid and Daz (aka Kate Izquierdo & Debra Zeller). Squid would write the reviews and Daz would share her photographs. Today, PiF has grown into something we both never imagined, and as time goes on our lives have changed and PiF's meaning has also changed. It's not so much about us anymore, but more about the live music scene in San Francisco. Squid has ventured off to other endeavors, and while she still attends shows and contributes to the site, she's cut back these days, which means not as many great reviews from her as there use to be. We now have Jake Thomas writing reviews, and boy... there is no stopping this guy, he's a show going review machine! We also have guests reviewers from time to time. If you'd like to contribute, please send us an example of your writing.

A special thanks for their support and encouragement goes out to: Chuck Sumner, Janet Flemer, Cory Brown, Greg Bertens, M.C. Taylor, Grandaddy, Sheetal Singh, Jake Stratford, Virgil Shaw, Central Valley posse, Kyle Monday, Ajax Green, Kyle Statham, Don Alan, David Burtch, Jeff Ray, Ian Connelly, Jon Fee, Anthony Bedard, Jason Smith, Matt Jervis, Terrence Ryan, Peter Ellenby, David Handler @ Photoworks, Ryan Craven, Nick Tangborn & Rosemary Pepper, Marc Hawthorne, Eddie Moran, Toby Suckow, Joe Raaen and all the bands.

All photographs on this site are copyright
Debra A. Zeller 1999-Forever.
DO NOT use photos without permission. For permission to use any photographs posted on PiF for whatever reason, please send an email to