Wolfmother / Parchman Farm / Danava
Bottom of the Hill
April 1, 2006

Review by Jake Thomas

Given this line-up, I kinda expected to walk into a much more metal-oriented crowd and not the Live 105 one I got, but I years ago I came to expect strange audiences at Noise Pop shows, for whatever reason. There were some rockers there for sure, but they were far outnumber by folks you’d expect to see at a Wilco show at the Warfield. I only mention this because it seemed to change the whole dynamic of the gig…there wasn’t much heshing, but there was a lot of fist pumping and whooping and general weekend-warrioring.

When I stumbled in it was at the very end of Danava’s set, which was my intention but I realized right away that I had made a mistake – this band was killing it on stage. They were the kind of metal I liked, lots of great riffing and “hott lixx” and they really looked the part; plus there was kind of a creepy, Halloween feel to their music – lots of spooky organ that made me think of that band Goblin and I mean that in the best possible way. I may have only got to hear two songs, but it was enough to convince me to buy their demo, which is great and spooky and even more organy than they were live, and there’s a smidge of a stoner rock vibe floating in there as well. My rocker friends back home will be stoked when they hear this.

Parchman Farm was next, and as always, they brought the boogie rock with a furor. Seriously, they produce the most danceable hard rock this side of the 1970’s, they’re like our generation of Black Oak Arkansas only singer Eric Shea takes his shirt off a whole lot less than Jim Dandy did…and come to think of it, I’ve never seen Shea play a washboard either. And don’t get me started on Allyson…a hot girl who shreds on the guitar? There oughta be a fan club. Girls always have a lot of options of rocker dudes to ogle at, but us guys generally get squat – now we have someone to swoon over too! Anyways, they played a quick, tight set with no banter, just an onslaught of tracks full of great singing and excellent musicianship. Oh and also handclaps. And cowbell.

Man, did things get thick as thieves up front when Wolfmother was getting ready to play. I’m glad I got to see them at Bottom of the Hill, cause judging from how quickly the thing sold out and the number of people out front begging for tickets they’ll probably be at the Fillmore next time. Make no mistake, they were very good and very entertaining, and sounded just as much like the Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath love child as I had been led to believe from their EPs. It felt like they played every song they had recorded, which isn’t very many…8 I think? For the life of me though, I can’t remember them playing my favorite track “Appletree” even though I know I saw it on the set list. Then again I may have been starring at the singer/guitarist’s vest/afro combination and spaced out and missed the song entirely, stranger things have happened. The sight of proper vest usuage can have that affect over the best of us. The crowd pretty much went apeshit during the entire set - that weird, seemingly out of place crowd... I bet a lot of those dudes had some sore arms the next day from all that fist pumping and pointing at the band and throwing of devil horns, made me tired just watching them. Good show though, and you can’t hold the crowd against the band. Hopefully these Aussies come back and don’t jump to too big of a venue, cause I’d like to see them again.

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