Will Sheff
Café du Nord
February 8, 2006

Review by Jake Thomas

I’ve seen Okkervil River a number of times and they’ve been amongst my favorite bands of the last few years. So when the lead singer of the band decided to play some solo gigs, I knew I couldn’t miss it…would he be playing classic Okkervil songs? Previewing new material? Playing covers?

Well it turned out to be a little of all the above. There were definitely a few new songs, all of which sounded enticing - I’ll be eager to hear them fleshed out with the full band. “For Real” and “Red” were a couple of the highlights from the well-known material that was featured on the evening. And Will even played a Shearwater song, a band he contributes to on the side along with some of the other Okkervil River members. The crowd was quite well-behaved given the mellow nature of the set, and with Will dressed up in his best Harry Potter imitation, it made for a fantastic evening.

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