October 8th, 2000

Unscrubbed was a benefit for Save San Francisco, an organization focused on the ever-decreasing rehearsal space in the city. (This was organized by Ian Brennan, who's better known as the party responsible for Monday night acoustic gigs at Brainwash.) We'd like to call ourselves altruists, but the plain damn truth of the matter is that Jason from Grandaddy was the headliner. Yeah, shallowness in the name of our favorite band. Deal with it.

Mark Growden had the formidable task of starting off the evening. Noe Venable, she of the Ruiners, came up next with a fairly high, vibrato-tinged voice...Squid is one for voices, so she was fine with this, but there was a great deal of chatting going on, so she's going to assume that no one else was. Carlos Forster of the For Stars came up next, much to Deb's approval. She's a huge For Stars fan, and shocked Squid by actually speaking to the man afterwards. Dr. Frank of the Mr. T Experience probably did the longest set of the evening, due to two important factors. Firstly, Dr. Frank's songs are high on humour and energetic delivery: he managed to transform competing pockets of loudly chatting drinkers into a singular head-nodding unit. Secondly, the organizers at this point were starting to become nervous because our fearless Mr. Lytle hadn't shown his lovely peroxided head yet. Consequently, we believe Dr. Frank was encouraged to lengthen his set. And Red Meat...Red Meat are so much damn fun! Squid calls it Happy Country: no posing, no moody looks from under the Stetson, just clean picking fun. Where else do you get to see a female acoustic bass player?! 'Nuff said. Paula Frazier formerly of Tarnation also delivered a solid set of that which she does best.

So many acts...by the time our Fearless Leader finally schlepped in, looking dazed as hell, with his acoustic semi-wrapped in what looked to be a baby blanket, the crowd was beginning to thin a little. (Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Grandaddy were also in attendance, it should be noted.) The Grandaddy contingent suddenly came to the front, but because of the acoustic nature of the gig, sat on the floor. So there was this weird transition in the dynamic of the gig...from bouncing around to Red Meat to suddenly going quiet and meditative. Squid made the joke that the G-heads looked like kids, with Jason as their Sunday School teacher. Luckily, Jason made a few jokes, strummed about six numbers, including the elusive "She-Deleter" and that was it. Good stuff.