Café DuNord
April 22, 2005

Review by Jake Thomas

I didn’t really know jack as to what was going on this night to be honest with you – all I heard was “happy hour show” and “win a free flight to Iceland” and all of the sudden I was at the show. Turns out a friend of mine used to date some Icelandic dude and actually knows this band, so she came along for shits and giggles and hey, she’d like a free trip to Iceland too. Even though I totally deserved it more since I’ve never been and she has.

Anyways, the show was put on by Icelandic Air, and it featured Icelandic bands. There was a first band who I’ve already forgotten about, all I can remember was there was a really hot girl in the band who looked about as Scandinavian as you possibly could. Which is A-OK in my book. But the second band, Trabant, was highly entertaining and bewildering at the same time. If I’m not mistaken, the Trabant was an east European car made primarily of card board, but that’s neither here or there, just an interesting tidbit. They were pretty over the top – lots of power ballads, body glitter and keyboards. The singer was topless with pasties on his chubby man boobs, and he knew how to work it. For lack of a better vocabulary, they were an Icelandic Har Mar Superstar, and just as entertaining. God knows if and when they ever make it back out here, but if they do and you want a good laugh you should see this band.