Kelley Stoltz / Rogue Wave / Beam
Thee Parkside
January 27, 2004

Review by Jake Thomas

I arrived at the Thee Parkside in just enough time to catch a few songs by Beam. Laziness usually prevents me from making it to the club for two bands much less three, but I enjoyed the MP3s that I heard of the band on the interweb and wanted to see how it came across in a live setting. The verdict: quite nice actually. Helene has a great voice, and it was especially enjoyable when she was harmonizing with the two backup singers (dunno if they are considered a part of the band or if it was just a one-off thing with friends, but the girls, who sat off to the side for the most part, would get up occasionally and lend a vocal chord or two). The band was plenty proficient as well, with Fuzzy Russ from the sadly missed metal band Thunderbleed (AKA Blind Vengeance) manning the skins and doing a fine job of it…his wild hair would have it no other way.

What can I say about Rogue Wave that hasn’t already been said? They played a short set that was about half old and half new songs, and it included both my favorite old song (“postage stamp world”) and my favorite song of theirs period, one of the new ones (“10 to 1”). I’m insanely eager for them to get back in the studio and record the follow up to their awesome debut “Out of the Shadows” just so I can have these new songs in some form where I can hear them at home and not just at shows. I suppose I could always bootleg one of their shows, but I don’t have the equipment…and like I said before, my laziness usually gets the better of me, just making it to a show is a feat all on it’s own. This show was their warm-up before embarking on a two-week tour supporting cool-kid-favorites Mates of State. They were damn excited to be going on this tour and it showed in their playing. I’m so glad to have a band of this quality who is local and plays all the time…and nice folks too, go up to them after a show and tell them how much you liked it, they’ll surely appreciate it.

Kelley Stoltz was the headliner, and this was the final night of his month-long Tuesday-night residency at Thee Parkside. He certainly went out with a bang, not only picking great opening acts but coming armed himself with a kick-ass band that garnered many a whoop and holler from the crowd. Having missed him numerous times when he was opening for someone else I was going to check out, I will no longer make the mistake of missing a Kelley Stoltz show if I can help it. Great songs for kids of all ages – not only do I really enjoy his brand of rock music, but I think my mom would like it as well (maybe he’ll be playing next time she comes into town…). Now that I’ve seen him with the band, I’m especially curious to see him play in his other form, the stripped-down singer/songwriter version.

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