Monsters Are Waiting / stellastarr*
Bottom of the Hill
February 10, 2007

Review by Marina Chu

Like always, the man was a maestro on the decks, performing a mish-mash of some of best tracks over the years, splicing them together in mind boggling ways…I have a ton of live DJ Shadow bootlegs, and never have I heard two shows that were even close to the same. And despite the limitations of watching a DJ perform, with him it somehow works (the visuals do help though).

That being said.   Monsters Are Waiting from LA's Echo Park played more electro-pop with Annalee Fery's child-like yet eery voice.   Their sound was a bit catchy like "Ha Ha" if not danceable.   A lot of their credibility can be put to the test when they and MiniPop will both be playing at this year's SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

By the time stellastarr* were to hit the stage, most of the Bottom of the Hill venue was packed waiting with little room to move.   Their set consisted of half from their self-titled debut album and the other half coming from their second, "Harmonies for the Haunted."   New songs such as "People" which may likely change in the future and demo "War Child" which can be currently heard on their MySpace page rounded out the rest of the night along with an all-out rock instrumental and crowd favorite "My Coco."   With the help of an acquaintance, here is a copy of the full setlist:

Lost in Time
Sweet Troubled Soul
No Weather
A Million Reasons
War Child
Winter Song
In The Walls
Somewhere Across Forever
Moon Girl
Coming Down

My Coco
Pulp Song