Great American Music Hall
March 11, 2005

Review by Jake Thomas

Slint folks, I got to finally see Slint. That bears repeating… Slint! When I saw that they were reforming and I’d finally catch them live, it was all giggles and lollipops in my household, good times for all, even if I did have to buy my ticket from stupid where I got charged a thousand dollar surcharge fee (fees may be exaggerated for the purpose of story telling). Then of course they relase more dates that I could have saved money on, and I’m a cheap bastard so it stings… but what the hell, I’m getting to see Slint here in SF when I’d probably be willing to fly across the country to see them were they not touring.

It was a serious dude fest at the show, all balding fat brosephs with stupid grins on their faces – in other words, just like me – eagerly awaiting their long-time heroes. Finally they came on and delivered “The jams” as the kids are calling it nowadays. They played just about everything from “Spiderland” some of “Tweez”, and most excitingly, both tracks from the 10”/EP, which made me as happy as an emaciated dog in a meat processing plant. Sure, the vocals were a little low, but that’s not surprising given the range of vocal volumes that accompany their songs; and the band wasn’t terribly exciting, holding pretty damn still the whole time, but I didn’t really care, I just closed my eyes and spaced out to the gloriousness of it all. There was a great light show to accompany the performance, and a number of guys filming with giant expensive cameras… I guess we can assume a documentary/live video of some sort is forthcoming. All in all, although generally skeptical about reunions this one was a delight to behold. Now if we could only raise Joe Strummer from the dead and get the Clash back together…