Say Hi To Your Mom
Make-Out Room

June 21, 2005

Review by Jake Thomas

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I just want to go see bands and I have no particular justification for doing so. I had heard one or two songs by Say Hi to Your Mom, both good, but there something more drawing me to the show that I couldn’t pinpoint…I’m going to assume it was some sort of “awesome show” ESP, because that’s what I got when I showed up at the Make-Out Room.

A simple description of their sound, especially from recordings, would be indie pop with a slightly downer bent. Think of a less keyboard-driven Grandaddy or slightly less jesusy or morose Pedro the Lion (in fact, not only does singer Eric Elbogen look a little like David Bazan, but their voices are a touch similar as well). But live SHtYM is a different, much more rocking beast…take the above combination and add a lot more pep and guitars to the mix, and it comes out fucking fantastic. Nearly every song ended with a Mogwai-like wall of noise, pretty impressive for a three piece with all of the bass lines being played on a small Korg synth. There was a pretty good size crowd there, many of whom I think was there for the middle local band, but they all stuck around and seemed to dig what those crazy Brooklynites were doing. I may not own any of their CDs now, but I will soon enough after the show they put on.