The Reigning Sound
Bottom of the Hill
November 5, 2005

Review by Jake Thomas

They may have been opening for the Detroit Cobras, but I wasn’t alone in only being at the show to see The Reigning Sound. The whole front of the stage was packed with dancing chaps and ladies there to see Greg Cartwright and company put forth a set of fantabulous garagey rock songs. Lots of tracks from “Rock and Roll High School” were played, nearly the whole album it seemed, and this was pleasure to my ears since that’s my favorite release. I met up with a friend at the gig who is a super fan of anything Greg Cartwright, and she has this high-pitched piercing scream that can nearly shatter glass - I’m not sure what worse on my hearing, standing near her or the music from the stage. Nonetheless, I left that show invigorated and inspired by what I had seen - no gimmicks, no goofy haircuts, just straight forward rock music played the way it’s been played for 40+ years. To be entirely cheeseball about things, the Reigning Sound did a perfect job of channeling the sound from yesteryear in a very “now” way, never sounding dated or unoriginal.