PINE*am / postcoitus
Make-Out Room
May 24, 2005

Review by Meg Sharkey

I arrived right as PINE*am was setting up . They are an all-girl band from Japan, and I was excited to check them out. They had on coordinated shirts, cool hairdos, and intentionally-ripped jeans (they're back, fashionistas!). They used a drum machine for their beats, which gave their sound a loungey vibe. The instruments were Korg synths, guitar and bass, and all three sang, although the guitarist mostly did the lead vocals. The songs I liked the most sounded new wave and were really up-tempo, reminiscent of the Epoxies. They did a couple of songs in Japanese, but most of the lyrics were in English. For their last number they did a song with a bunch of coordinated psuedo-dance moves that was a little embarassing, but they were so endearing. I got a supercute orange babydoll PINE*am shirt with a bunny on it.

postcoitus is a local act composed of two guys in suit jackets and ties on synthesizers with strobe lights and a drum machine. They took a couple of songs to get warmed up, but then they had a small crowd dancing, always impressive in San Francisco where most indie music fans are arm-crossers, or, at best, head-bobbing in-place sold-out show dancers (I fall squarely into this category). They reminded me of the Lovemakers without the sexy antics.