The Otherside / The Black Angels
Thee Parkside

June 6, 2005

Review by Meg Sharkey

I was surprised to find the front of the Parskide packed with motorcycles, and wondered if the Black Angels had some kind of affiliation with the Hell's Angels, but it turns out that there was a biker gang conclave held before the show. This made for an interesting transitional (and people-watching) period as the bikers cleared out and the rock hipsters moved in.

Local outfit the Otherside played first and their retro psych-rock was really enjoyable. The two guitarists were really good, some of the guitar lines reminded me of the Screaming Trees trippier psychedelic stuff, although my boyfriend thought they sounded like they'd fit into the 80s Paisley Underground scene. The songs weren't of the catchy variety, so I'd have to give their record repeated listens to see how the songwriting held up, but generally a big thumbs up and I'd catch them again around town.

The Black Angels from Austin were in the same psych-rock vein, and proclaimed their allegiance to the Brian Jonestown Massacre with at least 3 stickers spread out on various gear. They had a girl drummer who was great, and the bearded lead singer delivered bluesy soulful vocals. Even though the crowd was there to see the local band, everyone stuck around for the Black Angels' set. They put on a rocking show, and gave that sense of bringing something fresh and original to a classic sound, which is also what I love about Black Mountain. They could be like the psych-rock version of Black Mountain if they keep it up. All in all, it made for another great night of rock at the Parkside.