M.O.T.O. / The Time Flys
Thee Parkside

June 19, 2005

Review by Jake Thomas

You know how long I've been waiting to see M.O.T.O.? Not as long as I've been waiting to win the lottery, but still a long damn time. I didn't think they would ever actually make it out this way, but lo and behold, they were coming!

But first, let me mention the opning band The Time Flys, entry number 45657-a in the “bands featuring members of The Cuts” guide book. Between these guys and The Pets, I'm pretty sure I'm actually a bigger fan of the “side-bands” than I am of The Cuts themselves. They sounded just as you would expect – garage rock mixed with the New York Dolls or something like that, and while I didn't know anything they played I enjoyed it quite a bit...will definitely be checking them out again in the near future.

M.O.T.O. Simply put, are one of the greatest pop bands of all time. They've been around since the early eighties in one form or another, and while I'm no expert on the band I do know that everything I've ever heard by Paul Caporino and company has been fantastic. All of their songs are extrememly simple and short, no unnecessary nonsense here. Their set list was probably 20-30 songs and I doubt they played even 45 minutes all together, encore included. They played a bunch of songs off of the new album “Kill M.O.T.O” and plenty of fan favorites, including my very favorite track by them “Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance to the Radio”, one of the most perfect pop songs ever written. All told, a friggin' super fun awesome grade-A fantastic show by a band more people should be listening to. .

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