The Makes Nice
The Fabric House

September 9, 2005

Review by Jake Thomas

Holy shit! Make way for the new best band out of San Francisco, The Makes Nice! Ok ok, maybe I’m being a little over the top, but their show at the Fabric House, which was apparently their first public outing as a band, simply blew me away. I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising, considering the credentials of the band members - Jack from Harold Ray: Live in Concert on drums, Aaron from Thee Mothballs on vocals and bass, and Josh from The Fucking Champs on guitars and vocals too. The sounds is somewhat expected - a mix of power-pop, garage, and even a little surf rock, with occasional double vocals and lots of “hott lixx” from Josh. Despite it seeming to be mostly a high school crowd there to see the later high school-aged bands, everyone seemed to be whooping it up quite fierce during The Makes Nice, and I whooped along with them. More than anything, I couldn’t believe how tight and together they sounded, like a veteran band after a long tour…simply amazing. Do yourself a favor and support these cats, you won’t be disappointed.