The Intelligence
Make-Out Room

June 24, 2005

Review by Jake Thomas

Hot shit, the Make-Out Room is going to (potentially) start having matinee shows on Friday evening! Curmudgeonly old bastards like myself, rejoice!

This was the first of what is hopefully a long running feature of the club, and it featured Intelligence out of Seattle, Washington. This band seems to get name-checked a lot because the drummer of the A-Frames plays guitar and sings for these guys, but after finally getting to witness them live I’d have to say that they are nearly as damn good as the A-Frames are (and I really, really like the A-Frames so that is saying something). A little more straight forward rock ala Hot Snakes than the minimal punk of the A-Frames, but super good nonetheless. And if that's not enough, I got home in time to screw around the house and still get in bed at a decent hour... it's like a show custom-made for a crotchety old bastard like myself thats over staying out late.