The Futureheads
March 10, 2005

Review by Jake Thomas

I’ve been listening to The Futureheads self-titled album tons lately, so it should come as no surprise that I was extremely excited for this show. Luckily for me, it turned out to be really damn good. They have an infectious stage energy that resulted in a much more dancey crowd than I have seen in some time. I was talking with the guy who runs Shredding Paper and he was saying they remind him of Gang of Four and XTC combined (their album was produced by Andy Gill of Gang of Four), and that’s even what the Allmusic write up says, but I don’t see it; to me, they are Stiff Little Fingers and The Knack combined and modernized. Regardless, we both agreed that their vocal assault (all four members sing) is one of their best and most enduring qualities.

But wait, this review is about the show – and like I said, it was grand. They played nearly every song off of their record and “Man Ray” was my favorite just like it is on the album. There was also a new track in there as well as a cover of the Television Personalities “Picture of Dorian Grey” during the encore. The whole crowd seemed to have a blast, I know I did…hopefully they come back real soon, put out a new album real soon, cause they’re becoming an instant favorite of mine real soon.