Eagles of Death Metal
June 14, 2006

Review by Jake Thomas

Ever since I discovered this band, I’ve sorta debated whether or not this band is trying to be ironically funny with their shtick or if it is just who they are. I’m yet to come to a sound decision, but one thing I know for sure is that whether or not their intentions are legit, I fuckin’ love the shit out of their music… and especially the live show. The energy they exude on the stage definitely translates and radiates out to the crowd, and good times most definitely are had by all. The band played for close to 90 minutes, and probably performed every one of their songs and three covers to boot – “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Steeler’s Wheel, which I think they have always performed as covers of that song exist from early bootlegs of the group; “Beat on the Brat” by The Ramones, which they slowed down by a couple of beats; and their encore finale, “Brown Sugar” by the Rolling Stones, probably the best and most fitting cover of them all. It should probably be noted that maybe 30 minutes of the set was spent by singer Jesse Lucious asking the crowd if they were having fun and expressing his love for the ladies that were there – it would have gotten old really quick if the dude wasn’t so damn charismatic. Plus, he has one of the greatest moustaches known to man and that is not a fact to be taken lightly…wars have been fought over the lack of a proper crumb catcher – I’m almost certain that was the sole cause of the Spanish-American war. Anyways, to get back on point, this band rules regardless of their intentions, and I don’t care who knows it.

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