Colin Meloy
Café DuNord
January 16, 2005

Review by Jake Thomas

On a lark I got myself a ticket to see Colin Meloy play a solo gig at Café du Nord (he of The Decemberists fame). While I can’t say that I’ve ever seen his band or been a huge fan, I’ve always liked what I’ve heard by them, and for some reason I always get excited at the prospect of these types of shows – solo outings by well-known band leaders, which almost always includes a nice mix of the bands songs and covers.

This show was no disappointment – in fact it was considerably better than I was expecting. Colin was exceedingly funny and entertaining, he had the crowd feasting on every word. He would explain some of the songs, banter with audience members about nonsense, and make fun of himself to humorous effect – for a singer whose songs can sometimes come across as a bit depressing, he sure seems to be having a great time singing them. He played old tracks off past records as well as some new songs off an album to be released in the spring, much to the delight of the crowd. But the best part of the whole evening, as far as I’m concerned and I’m all that matters in this here review, is that he covered not one but two Morrissey songs (sister, I’m a poet and changed my plea to guilty)! But wait, it gets better!!! Not only that, but he had recorded and brought with him some limited edition EPs that were entirely Morrissey covers… it was as if the man had crawled into my brain, searching for good ideas. Well, he got a good’un.