The Carbonas / Beat Beat Beat
The Stork Club
August 13, 2006

Review by Jake Thomas

Punk matinee show at the Stork! I love it…I won’t get into my love of the early show like I always do, but just know it’s one of my favorite things ever.

I didn’t really know anything about these bands, but my friend Missy said they were ace and that was enough for me. Both of these groups were on tour from Atlanta (known as “Hotlanta” back home in North Carolina), shared a guitarist, and were pretty fucking great.

I lean just slightly towards liking Beat Beat Beat more – they had a tinge more pop to their sound, kinda like a less glam Exploding Hearts maybe; and maybe it’s just the name but a comparison to the Damned could be made as well. I was into their set from start to finish, and eagerly anticipate the release of their album on Dirtnap this fall (specifically, it is coming out on Halloween which really seemed to make the guitarist I spoke too after their set quite happy).

It was pretty obvious once they got started that everyone was there to see the Carbonas – they packed the front of the stage in a way you rarely see in Oakland… much dancing and banging around was to be had. They were still a fairly poppy band, but much faster and punker than their opening brethren. They also had the smarts to plan ahead and have a member of the band grow a moustache, which is a sure way to win me over even if your music isn’t for shit. But when you get a well groomed lip bristler and some toe-tapping tunes, you can’t do nothing but be a happy bastard. Yet again, Missy is right; good times & good music was plentiful, and I was home in time to see Deadwood.