Make-Out Room

January 29, 2006
late show

Review by Jake Thomas

Calexico, at the Make-Out Room? I’ve never been a huge fan or anything, but the chance to see a band of this caliber at such a small venue, how can you pass that up? But after seeing the gig, one thing is for sure - I’m a much, much bigger fan.

Apparently, the shows were a warm-up for an album they have coming out in a few months, so many new songs were played, maybe about 50/50 with older tracks in the set. There was one newer track that really stood out, as it didn’t sound like Calexico at all, but rather like they were channeling Calla with a little twang thrown in. The rest of the new songs sounded quite good as well, but that one really stood out and I’ll be looking forward to hearing how it turned out in the studio…all that glorious feedback, how lovely.

The older tracks were obviously fantastic, I’d drop some track names if my brain was worth a shit. What probably stood out most of all was how amazing the sound quality was for the entire set - easily the best I’ve ever heard the Make-Out Room sound, and I’ve seen a lot of good shows there. This was especially true for what was probably the best song of the night, a medley that included covers of Love’s “And Again Or” and Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”…it went on forever but it still wasn’t enough, it was totally perfect, a fitting ending (well, to be honest it wasn’t the last song but real close to it) to a night that was pretty much perfect itself.

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