Big Business / Saviours
Hemlock Tavern

April 30, 2005

Review by Jake Thomas

Shit, I love a happy hour show – it allows you to see some music, and then finish out your evening in rampant laziness (as I’m generally prone to) or more rocking at another show later. Plus there’s something to be said for being in a dark club when it’s still daylight outside.

I knew nothing about Saviours before this show, other than that they were from the East Bay and supposed to be good. And to be honest, I don’t really know much about them after the show, but my friend was certainly right about them being good. They were metal, indie metal I guess…I’m not sure who exactly I might compare them to – Kylesa minus the stoner-rock edge? The Fuckin’ Champs minus the progginess? Whatever, it rocked, they were solid, and it was a good time, no need to over-think things here. Apparently they don’t play out to often, but here’s to hoping they change that policy.

Big Business came on next, and it was quite pleasing to see them again after having missed their last show due to getting in from a 20+ hour flight a few hours before they went on. Yeah yeah yeah, if I was really punk I would have gone anyways despite my delirium, but I already bathe much too often to be considered at all punk anyways. Where was I? Oh yeah, Big Business…no matter how many times I see them I never fail to be amazed at how much they rock. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to that EP they put out, and I kept saying to myself how I wish they’d put more stuff out – well apparently they did, and I’m just too dumb to realize it. The moral of this story is I didn’t know most of the material they played but it still sounded great; and if I’d found out they had a new CD before the show I would have hung around afterwards and purchased a copy from the band as opposed to speeding off to eat greasy pizza. But it was good pizza at least, and I have a CD to add to my wish list.

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