The Stork Club
June 2, 2006

Review by Jake Thomas

BBQ aka Mark Sultan is the greatest one man band in the world. Okay, maybe I can only think of one other one-man band, our own local Militant Children’s Hour, but he is seriously entertaining himself; so if BBQ is better than that, and I believe it has been scientifically documented as such, then that is saying something. Such a simple set up, a bass drum and a snare rigged with a pedal and one of the tiniest guitars you’ve ever seen, but so much enjoyment is made from these simple tools. Truly, he puts on a great show, but what it really comes down to are the songs – the dude can write a seriously catchy tune. All of his best tracks are a modern doo-wop/garage rock hybrid, a strange combination on paper to be sure but if you just listen to the melodies, you’re hooked fat trout. His set wasn’t very long, but he managed to hit most of the best songs from his record “Tie Your Noose”, most notably the infectious “Waddlin’ Around” – in a just world, this would be a number one hit. I wish more bands rocked as much as this one dude all by his lonesome does.