US Air Guitar Championships
The Independent
May 10, 2006

Review by Marina Chu

How do I describe that which is the US Air Guitar Championships? Well, first let's explain the competition and what happens to the winner, and what goes on after that. San Francisco was the final stop before going onto New York for the finals and the winner of that would eventually go onto Finland to compete with what I would assume to be other finalist from around the world.

The night's event was hosted by former 2nd place winner of 2005's Air Guitar Championship, Bjorn Turoque, notice the grammatical change to resemble 'born to rock.' There were four judges representing from SF Weekly, The Onion, Fecal Face Dot Com, and a member from local band Rogue Wave. Scoring was compared to that of what Bjorn related to ice skating (0-6.0). The competition started off with 24 contestants with their own chosen song to "air" to and would be dwindled down to the final ten which would compete against each other with a given song.

For the most part, most of the contestants costumes were relevant to something of metal music with big hair, torn t-shirts, and tight pants. A few select wore such costumes which looked to be like Elvis, Sonny Bono, Freddie Mercury. Then again there were the ones which looked like a pirate and one who chose to eventually rip off his clothes and reveal just a jockstrap.

Amid the judges showing scores of 4.9's to 5.7's, the audience boo'd at times rebelling against the scores. In the end, the final contestants from the top ten were narrowed down to four. It's not important who won, but for those who went having expectations, I can only say this: I had no expectations going in, I think it's better not to set yourself up for disappointment. After all competitions were complete, anyone and everyone from the audience was welcome to join onstage with the evening's competitors and "air" out to a song by Neil Young. To say the least, it was a night not worth forgetting.

For photos and video clips of this event, please visit willotoons.