Here's some music we think you should take a listen to.

The Old-Fashioned Way

'Robot High'

Dark Side of the Cop
'Shaky Little Rules'

Until we can host MP3s on our server we'd like to direct you to these bands Myspace pages:

The Lovely Public

Volunteer Pioneer

Social Studies

Bethany Curve [Kitchen Whore Records]
'The Means'

Kelley Stoltz
'Jewel of the Evening'
'Perpetural Night'
from his album 'Antique Glow'

Black Fiction

'Magic Hands'
'I Spread the Disease'

Loquat [Jackpine Social Club]
'Swingset Chain'
'Time Bomb'


'Back to Bed'

Love is Chemicals

'Claw Your Sweater'
'Everyone Is In On It'
'A Portrait Of Your Post-Apocalyptic Son'

Citizens Here and Abroad [Omnibus]
'Enter the Elevator'

'When You're a Stranger'
'Endless Days'


Matt Lutz (The Herms) [unsigned]
'This Operation'
'The Parades'

Dora Flood

'Two Passing Shadows'

The Moggs [Absolutely Kosher]

The Ebb & Flow
[Three Ring Records]
'Breast Stroke'

Morning SpyMorning Spy
'Daughters of History'
'Slow Flood'

Elephone [Three Ring Records]
'Complicated Wearing Out Your Voice'

Ned [unsigned]
'Small Flightless Birds'

Foxtail Somersault [unsigned]
'A Love Song Part II'


'Summer Trees'

Halcyon High [unsigned]
'Close Your Eyes, See the Light'
'Last Breath'

[Three Ring Records]
'Sena Song'
'Not Right'
'Save the Green Planet'

The Ian Fays [unsigned]
'Dance Song'
'Pink Sheets'

Seventeen Evergreen
'Music is the Wine'
'Haven't Been Yourself'

Jolie Holland
'All the Morning Birds'
'Ghost Waltz'

[f.u. records]
'Bad Thoughts'
'Things to do'

Judith and Holofernes [unsigned]
'When Drones Leave the Hive'
'Throw Your Skinny Body'

thee more shallowsThee More Shallows [Turn Records]
'Freshman Thesis'